Objective and Accomplishment

My wife and I approached Revered Dada at his centre for the first time in the year 1969 to seek his guidance for resolving complex problems and obstacles faced by our family. From then on until 1978 I looked upon Dada as merely a power which could unravel and get rid of a person's vexatious problems which could not otherwise be tackled. During this period the two of us - myself and my wife - attended Vimochan Vidhis (Expiatory rites and rituals) and also took initiation in the Marg .Since I had a good knowledge of fundamentals Indian Classical Music coupled with a gift of voice and a liking for philosophical subjects, I was moved by the melodious musical notes emanating from the hymns (devotional songs) sung in the Bhakti Sadhana and was deeply impressed by the explanations the hymns offered. I was convinced that here was a perennial spring of everlasting joy.

In 1977 Revered Dada put a stop to Kamkaj or work of ridding problems and difficulties of those who approached him and began organising Sadhana workshops at Shiroda in Goa, within the holy precincts of Shri Kamakshi Devi Temple. In all eight such workshops which were conducted at an interval of six months each, in the course of which discourses were held on Dnyan Sadhana Both of us attended. These workshops Listening to those discourses we thoroughly realised the sweep, utility and the astounding nature of Revered Dada's work for the welfare of mankind. In the course of the years from 1978 to 1987 Omkar Sadhana was also perfected and carried to completion by ‘Dada’.

Lack of uniformity in the performance and conduct of Sadhana

Revered Dada had laid down certain parameters and regulations to be observed in respect of Swar (musical note), Tal (Rhythm) and Laya (musical harmony) and ‘Sthal - Kal - Vel’ (place - space - time) while performing Bhakti Sadhana and Omkar Sadhana. In the course of our visits over a thirty five years, to various centers within India (only one outside India) conducted in the name of Dada, we found to our dismay that there was no uniformity in the parameters and regulations followed nor in the guidance given to the Sadhaks for performing the Sadhana Triad comprising ‘Dnyana Sadhana, Omkar Sadhana and Bhakti Sadhana’. In short, guidance given to the Sadhaks differed from center to center, depending upon the person conducting the centre.

In 1986 I brought this disparity to Dada's notice. He exclaimed instantly "whatever knowledge and guidance I received directly from the holy personages, I passed on the same to you people." Now you, he said pointing at me "organise the same on accurate and scientific lines." As luck would have it, Revered Dada visited our residence in Mumbai and set the practice of Omkar Sadhana to the tune of Tanpura music subsequently he did the same in the centre of Sadhana workshops held at Mumbai. This incident proved extremely inspirational to me and encouraged me to continue do the work I had so far done in this field. Relevant photographs are incorporated in the gallery of the Website for the benefit of the curious.

Need for Standard System Of Instruction

After Dada's demise in the year 1991, Kamkaj which had been discontinued by Dada himself began gaining prominence at the various centres. This despite Dada making it clear from time to time that Kamkaj which he used to perform following the Siddha - Siddhant Paddhati (i. e the system as conceived and proven by ancient sages (Nathas) which has come down traditionally from Guru to discipline as doctrine) of the Nathas had been incorporated in the Sadhana Triad and hence there was no longer any need of doing Kamkaj separately.

It therefore, became imperative to acquaint both old and new followers as also interested Sadhaks the real nature and substance of Dada's work through a Standard System Of Instruction. In the circumstances I came to the conclusions that Kamkaj had not only become redundant but was a gross deviation from the main stream of Dada's work.

Sadhana Triad In Self - Instructional Format

The aim of our Trust is to make available to the common man the benefits of the Sadhana Triad, as perfected by Revered Dada, without any intermediary and without getting him entangled in any sect or for that matter without having to perform any rites and rituals whatsoever. After making a deep study of the Sadhana Triad over a period of quarter of a century, beginning with the year 1986, I was able to present it in Self - Instructional Format. I firmly believe that the work being done by our Trust in this field has the sanction of Shri Pant Maharaj of Balekundri, Shri Sainath Maharaj of Shirdi and that of Revered Dada himself (Datt - Nath - Sufi cults). In support of this belief a few instances may be cited :

1) Revered Dada's performance of Sadhana to the accompaniment of Tanpura music at our residence in Mumbai in the presence of some senior Sadhaks signalled as though it marked the beginning of the work undertaken by our Trust in this field.

2) Between 2001 and 2004 the Trust, in collaboration with Shri Sai Sansthan organised at Shirdi as many as eight largely attended residential workshops for giving practical demonstrations on Sadhana Triad.

3) The Mantra 'Om Shri Sainathaya Namah' perfected by Revered Dada and Chanted in unison by our Sadhaks in Swar - Tal - Laya is played daily in the Shri Sai Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi and has also been adopted as 'Hallo Tune' of the Sansthan's telephone.

4) The DVD entitled Omkar Sadhana Margadarshika ' brought out by our Trust was released at the auspicious hands of the renowned vocalist Late Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and equally celebrated Gan Saraswati, the very erudite Kishoritai Amonkar in the august presence of the then President of Shri Sai Sansthan Shri D. M. Sukhathankar. The Sansthan also bore the expense of nearly Rupees Four Lakhs which the Trust incurred in producing the DVD and for which we remain beholden to the Sansthan. Similarly the Sansthan also arranged the sale of nearly our Trust’s 6000 DVDs dealing with the theoretical and practical aspects of the Sadhana Triad.