May Divinity Permeate Humanity

Owing to the astounding advances in science and technology during the last century or so innumerable means of material enjoyments and pleasures have become available to mankind. However, there means have been singularly inefficacious in bringing everlasting happiness and contentment to man. Consequently modern day society is plagued by such baleful evils as crass materialism, wantonness, cut throat competition insecurity and disharmony which disturb morale, social peace and amity.

Need was, therefore, felt of a system of worship which could reveal to mankind the true nature of the Supreme Being as also to awaken the divinity latent within one's own being, a system which at the same time be universal transcending national boundaries, all the different religions and sects, languages, races classes etc. To perfect and make available such a subtle system for the overall welfare of mankind was the principal aim for which Shri Sainath Maharaj (Baba) became incarnate upon this earth. To accomplish this purpose Baba chose as his instrument Shri Dattatraya Bhaskar Bhagwat fondly called by his followers as 'Dada'. At the commands and with the blessings of Baba, Revered Dada fulfilled the task assigned to him by accomplishing and perfecting a triple system of worship viz, ‘Dnyan Sadhana, Bhakti Sadhana (Aarti Sadhana) and Omkar Sadhana’ after nearly 45 years of severe penance austerities. This Triad of Sadhana, if practised faithfully and religiously, is calculated to bring lasting happiness and peace of mind to the practitioner.

Sadhana To Perfect One's Own Self

Initially, for the almost 27 years, people used to approach Dada for Kamkaj i.e. to seek his guidance for overcoming their personal and family problems and difficulties. Countless people benefited from Kamkaj. But work of this nature was not the primary objective. Therefore, Baba directed Dada to put a total stop to Kamkaj and show the people "the right path to attain happiness rather than bestowing happiness upon them." Accordingly, on 30 th June 1977 on the day of Guru Pujan, Revered Dada put a complete stop to Kamkaj and devoted the next 12 years of his life to perfecting the Sadhana Triad referred to above.

Standard System Of Instruction

The mission of a prophet or spiritual preceptor or an apostle for that matter, during his earthly existence, necessarily centres round his own person or the place from where he preaches. This is but natural. However often times it so happens that with the passage of time his teachings and preachings are misinterpreted and distorted. To avoid such a situation from arising,it is imperative to ensure that his mission does not become person centric or place centric. Only when the mission is organized and regulated along well - conjoined and scientific lines, then alone its original aim, purpose and tenets remain pure and untainted. It is for this reason that we are making a humble attempt to present on this website Revered Dada's accomplishments in the spiritual realm in a standard format.

It is our earnest desire that the remarkable spiritual accomplishments of Revered Dada should be easily accessible to the largest possible number of seekers of true knowledge and supreme truth that is possible only through an effective and round the clock available medium like the Website. It may please be noted that Revered Dada's work right upto 1991, the year he left his mortal frame, has been delineated. We have not gone beyond that for obvious reasons.

We fervently pray at the sacred fact of our Reverd Guru that our desire of reaching through this website maximum number of people be fulfilled.

"Shubham Bhavatu"
'Weal to All'