Tenor of Dada's Mulakhatis

Mulakhatis rearranged and edited to educate and enlighten the curious

If a philosopher writes on the subjects of philosophy only and presents his thoughts and conclusions in the form of a definite book, then it becomes quite easy to analyze and grasp his thoughts. But the thoughts and conclusions of a self realised person, based upon his actual experiences, are ordinarily expressed through such mediums as dialogues, actual actions and deeds, or through persons who might have been associated with him over a prolonged period of time. It would be absurd however, to pinpoint any particular idea or thought thus expressed as the essence of his philosophy. When such is the case, to sift through all those ideas and thoughts and present before the world the core of his philosophy not only becomes a challenging but an arduous task as well. And the task becomes all the more daunting when the person undertaking such a challenging job does not happen to be a self - realised one. Only devout essential, faith, belief and an intense desire that the world at large ought to benefit from such a store - house of wisdom which could bring lasting happiness and contentment to mankind constitute his driving force for undertaking such a task. Should such a person or persons be not studious and well read then their interpretation is likely to be one sided and therefore, reflect rather their personal view point. Giving due consideration to these aspects I have taken up this complex and delicate job as a challenge though with much trepidation.

Quite often many miraculous phenomena, which defied the laws of physical sciences, occurred whenever Dada was engaged in activities for the welfare of his devotees. Incidents which the devotees witnessed, especially when Dada, in an inspired State, performed Vidhis like Vamshavimochan, Rinamochan and even Kamkaj, simply amazed them. They were overawed with the unusual powers Dada possessed. But their imagination did not carry them beyond mysticism and hence they could not grasp the real nature and purpose of Dada's work which for that reason remained incomprehensible.

Base of Dnyana Sadhana

Like other sages and seers before him, Dada always used to emphasise that ignorance is the root cause of all sorrows and sufferings in this world. Worldly minded men living in a comfortable and luxurious life, made possible by modern inventions, delude themselves into believing that, that is real happiness devoid of sufferings. To lure such beings on to the path of Paramartha, Dada left it necessary, in the initial stages, to undertake Kamkaj because Dnyana Sadhana was the most important at the same time most difficult constituent of the Sadhana Triad. And unless that part is explained and understood properly an atheist will never choose a path of God realisation.

Tatvabodh (knowledge of the soul considered as one and the same with the Divine Spirit animating the Universe) imparted throug Mulakhatis form the very basis of the structure of Dada's work. But then he never had adequate rest or undisturbed time to systematise the whole properly, put it in the form of a book and place it before inquisitive souls. Who are not yet acquainted with Revered Dada's work. No one seems to have made any attempt in that direction after his departure from this world either consequently persons interested in such an esoteric subject stood deprived of a treasure - house of knowledge and wisdom. The undermentioned source material is available to anyone prepared and willing to make an attempt in that direction.

Sr no Source Material No. of Pages approx
1. Mulakhatis of Holy personage Through the medium of Revered Dada
2. Dada’s correspondence (Nivedan) 115
3. Pamphlets published by Dada from time to time (Between 1960 to 1983) 250
4. Texts prepared from cassettes which recored Dada’s Mulakhatis in course of 8 Sadhana
Workshops held at shiroda in Goa (between 1979 - 1983)
5. Two books viz 1) Guru Prasad (11-07-1987) 2) Atmanivedan (18-03-1999)
Complied and published for private circulation on the basis of Dada’a narration
  Total no of pages (approximate) 2555

Readership of the Above Material : The above listed material was meant strictly for private circulation. Its readership was mostly confined to those who were Dada's followers as also those who had some knowledge of Dada's work on one count or the other. The need of the present day, however, is to ensure that this treasure of wisdom reaches maximum number of people and help ameliorate their lives. Its reader may not necessarily be a Guru Margi. In fact there is little possibility of that. Readership may include such diverse groups as believers, non - believers, Advaitis, Dwaitis, agnostics so on and so forth. However, the summation of the above literature has not been done to suit the view point of any particular individual or group. But it has been done to present the essence of it in a manner so as to generate a liking for Adhyatma even among those who view the world and its events through the lens of Science.

Publications : With a view to putting Revered Dada's storehouse of knowledge on the subject of Adhyatma within easy reach of the common man, Shri Sharadchandra Bal of Trustee of Shri Sai Dnyanpeeth Trust ,has made a modest beginning in that direction by bringing out a book in Marathi entitled Bhavartha Margadarshika Vol. 1 together with a DVD on 'Omkar Sadhana'. It was published by the noted publisher 'Audumber Prakashan' on 3rd July 2012. It is a very handy book which lucidly explains such abstruse subjects as cause of birth, doctrine of karma, various bondages, cause of sufferings and remedies for the same, method of worship and which deity to worship and so on. The book includes the essence of Dada's Mulakhatis between the years 1961 and 1963. After a prolonged gap of nearly half a century it will be possible for the common man to derive benefits from Dada's Tatvabodh if he chooses.In the year 1960 on the auspicious day Vijayadashmi ‘Dada Published ( for private circulation ) only a booklet named ‘Sadhan Patrika’ . Based on the booklet Volume II of Bhavartha Margadarshika titled "Karmavimochan ani Upasana" has been published on 31st July 2015 which is edited by Shri. Sharadchandra Bal, published by our Trust under distributorship of Balawant Pustak Bhandar, well known book house at Girgaon, Mumbai.

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